Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 6 - Black Flowers

Black Flower applique is made to match baby legwarmers by Little Legs legwarmers. To order this applique check it out at our Etsy shop. Email me for more information on the legwarmers at

Be sure to enter for Day 6 to have 3 chances to enter your name into a grand prize giveaway. At the end of the 12 days I will draw the name of the winner of $25 of free product out of My Sweet Potatoes Etsy shop and a free natural baby wash in Lavender scent gift from The Natural Newborn .

First entry: Go check out some of the products at My Sweet Potatoes, then leave a comment here containing a link to one of the listings.

Second entry: Become a fan of My Sweet Potatoes. To become a fan, simply click on the Facebook widget on this page. If you are already a fan you can still get your second entry, just get one of your friends to become a fan. Leave a comment telling me who your friend is and when they joined.

Third entry: Tell others about My Sweet Potatoes though either a blog/facebook/message board and then post a comment with a link to the discussion.


  1. Oooh, this one is beautiful! I really like it ^_^

  2. I shared your etsy link with a couponing group of mine. Love your stuff!

  3. I followed Angie here from babycenter- and I became a fan on facebook!

  4. Man my copy and paste stuff isn't working, but I love your work! I really like the black flowers, the dragon fly would be my second favorite!


    My copy/paste worked for this one. Weird. Today I shared on facebook. Since I'm a fan can you check out my page?