Thursday, March 31, 2011


February was a busy month, with work, vacations, sickies, and snow days! So my family and I did not get our family carnival submission done in time for the cut off. We did still do it though. It was just a work in progress. February theme was superheroes, which is perfect for or family because the boys are superhero crazy. All month long we talked about, read about and played with all things superheroes.

One of the boys favorite books was Captain Underpants. If you have never read one of the books it is about these two boys who are always up to no good. They are the creators of a comic book “Captain Underpants” that they sell to their friend. So my 5 year old thought it would be cool to make his own comic book.

My son is really into his camera and is always snapping pictures, so I wanted this project to teach him a different technique for using his camera. He set all his superheroes in different positions and then took a lot of pictures. He told me the words he wanted the comic to say and I typed it up. We applied a style to the photos to make them look like they were drawn and added them to the frames. We had a great time doing it and DS is already coming up with how the story continues… This may become our continuing Saturday naptime project. Here is the final product, enjoy.

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