Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nature or Field Bags

As we begin to spend more and more time in the garden, the boys have begun to explore the nature around them again. It is so neat to see how new everything is to them again every year even after just a few months away from the garden. I decided that for their Easter baskets I want to get them things that would encourage them to explore nature so I am getting field guides, binoculars and compasses.

I also have been meaning to make them nature bags or field bags for their nature journals and other things we seem to drag back and forth to the garden. So I asked them to pick a fabric and I was going to make them some with the chosen fabric, but I was concerned that just cotton fabric would not stand the test of time. I remembered I have a stack of pants from my oldest and I can't pass them down to the littlest because the right leg of every pair is ripped out. I have been looking for a project to use these on and I found one.

The first pair of khakis I found had some cool pockets and the bottom of the pant legs had some really nice stitching that I wanted to be at the opening of the bag to give it a nice finished look. This bag was for my oldest. He picked out some fabric that looked like a turtle shell. His camera fits perfectly in the old pants pockets. I really like how this one ended up. I want it for myself... LOL I now need to make myself one, I have my eye on a pair of DH pants that would be perfect. DH better watch out. ;)

The second pair of pant I picked were these old carpenters pants that had this red hammer holder. I love how jeans look with red. My youngest had picked out some outer space fabric that matched very nicely.

This bag I did slightly differently than the first. I had planned on making a smaller bag because of how little my guy is, but the bag still ended up being just as big as the other - if not a bit bigger. I may have to modify it a bit so it fits him better.

I added reflector buckles to both because I knew the boys would think it was cool. I also added extra fabric loops for hanging water-bottles off of or anything else they might want to do. Extra pocket in back for holding pencils.

I gave them the bags tonight because I wanted to get some pictures and they were a hit! Such a hit that I could not get my pictures taken. I will have to take some when the newness wears off. LOL

The boys played with these all night, filling them with all kinds of stuff and exploring the wilds of Africa (in our living room). Both boys hung their bags next to their beds with strict orders to all grown ups "not to touch them". They also requested that we go to the garden really soon. ;)

The plan is to put together different nature bag collections so that we can just grab the collection we want take our nature journals and go exploring. I think this year will be a blast at the garden, hiking, and just exploring nature.

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  1. You are so creative! I need to have you come over and give me some lessons :)

  2. Ummm... Not sure about the lessons, I make it up as I go. LOL Of course we could get together and craft sometime you just may end up teaching me. I was supposed to try a new machine stich on these bags but I chickened out and just went with a double stich.