Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hermit Crabs

Well my oldest has been saving his money for some new pets. For months he has been obsessed with African Dwarf Frogs since we saw them a year ago. So we were going to get some of them, but after some sound advice, we decided to get some hermit crabs. I was freaked out but this really has been so much fun.

All week we talked about the crabs, read books and tried to figure out what were the "bear(bare) necessities"** we needed (**NOTE: We also watched Jungle Book this weekend). I will admit I was freaked out and DH was worried about how much work we would be adding. After some more great advise, I took the kids to the pet store where we each got a crab. DS#1 named his General Grievous, DS#2 named his Scooby Doo, and I named mine Sebastian. In less than 24 hours these little guys have dug their way into our hearts. :) DH felt left out without his own crab, so this afternoon we went to get him one and a bigger tank. He named his Cornelius the Crab. LOL You may not be able to cuddle with them but they sure are cute. I am already trying to figure out a a new hermit crab plushie. Maybe I should make it like Eric Carles crab in his "House for a Crab" and really decorate the shell...

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